For my final project in my intermediate New Genre Arts class, I took a Skillshare course taught by Joshua Davis on programming with the text editor Sublime Text 2 using Hype. The class helped me write a code by the end of the course that takes four different square designs, all made in illustrator, that are randomized along a grid in terms of size, rotation, and color. My color palette was inspired by a photo I saw hanging in the art building, which I included to the right. The image of the transparent rotating squares is another simpler design I made that better displays the transition of the colors and how they complement each other.

With my final code, I was able to create about 23 other designs all that vary with a simple change in one line of code (simply applying the code to one image vs. another vs. all 4 at once, etc.) but resulted in completely different designs all based on the same grid. To the write, you can click through 10 of these other designs/patterns that resulted from my simple changes in code.