Lightning Squares

Here is a gif I made in Processing. I wrote a code that randomly shows squares of different sizes and rotations at random coordinates on the screen. With this code, the gif creates a 3D environment with flashing bright colors, similar to lightning. My original code created white squares; aesthetically I preferred unfilled turquoise squares, which is displayed here.

Link to original code:


Kitten GIFs

These are two gifs I created from two music videos by the band Kitten. As co-music director for my Events Board, I am in charge of booking the musical artists that perform at my school. Kitten came in Fall 2013 and as part of a creative advertising push, I experimented with gifs to draw more attention to the band's image. The final creation for the advertisement can be seen below... 

My process included downloading the music videos, selecting a 3 second frame and exporting images from that frame period into photoshop.