Soundcloud: Latest Tracks

A large aspect of my art is sound. Not only do I DJ, but I also experiment with sounds, whether it be loops, songs, remixes, or a sound simplified down to its single sin wave. I use soundcloud as my own personal sound bank to find music that inspires me as well as to distribute my music within a community of other music lovers and explorers.

In high school, I experimented with live sound recording in a studio through an electronic music class, and in college I have taken a beginning and intermediate/advanced music technology courses that have exposed me to master track editing and electronic music experimentation.

My personal program of choice is Ableton Live, which I also began to collaborate with the Makey Makey for the Interactive Dancefloor 2014 project. I also began to explore MaxMSP and its ability to take sin waves and produce different frequencies of sound, creating kick drums and snare for example.

You can listen to my tracks to the right.