Title: Larger Bodies

Medium: New Media Installation (Projection and Vinyl Cuts) & Performance

Artist Statement

In 2012, American singer-songwriter Lana del Rey gave an awkward and disastrous debut performance on Saturday Night Live. What began to encompass this moment across pop culture was the single gesture of Lana spinning on stage. “Lana spinning” as a GIF took over meme culture as fans, viewers, and online participators began to re-present Lana’s GIF within other frames of popular cultural moments, inanimate objects, and other spinning things. What makes the re-presentation of this gesture so powerful and amusing? How do GIFs have the ability to change the context of one individual’s identity?

The GIF as a form of narrative isolates a single moment or movement in time. By isolating my own body in different visual frameworks, I experiment with the way my body is consumed. My work investigates the power of reframing GIFs of my body and the gestures that they formulate. What do these discrete gestures say about my identity as a larger bodied woman? Through consuming my body in these different frames, how does your perception of my identity change?

- Vinyl Cuts -

- Performance -

- Video -