The second of five bits of informal documentation of student work. Katrina Allick, Cody Burchfield, Jesus Chaparo, and Mahon Yoder collaborated on this late night projection mapping experiment. The works title riffs on John Berger, whose ‘Ways of Seeing’ is one of the works sampled, and on the formation of the object that is projected upon.
— Justin Lincoln


IceBerger is an immersive music installation combining projection mapping, 3D scanning/printing, and remixing sound based on the aesthetics of the film Interstellar and the words of John Berger in "Ways of Seeing". The installation was at midnight on May 14, 2015 on an outdoor stage, presenting an in the round interactive sculpture for viewers to interact with for 25 minutes.

A collaboration with Cody Burchfield, Jesus Chapparro, and Mahon Yoder. May 2015.


~ paper, 1 laser cutter, 3D scanner, Ableton Live, Millumin, 2 projectors, and people